This temple is very near Chennapatna (Bangalore-Chennapatna by train) and a very important Hindu Temple of Karnataka. This is a place where a parent who wants a daughter to get married, should visit, a childless couple interested in an offspring will be blessed here with an offspring, a man or woman suffering from limb, leg problem or severe eye sight loss or associated problems of eye certainly will be cured by a visit to this temple.

Mallur Lord Krishna Temple
Mallur Lord Krishna Temple

Mallur- the name sounds Tamil. How we got this name. This is a Tamil name in Karnataka. Sarangadhara, a King lost his legs, because his enemies amputated his legs, with pain he was praying, reciting His name non stop in this temple. A jyothi appeared and blessed him- his limbs started to re form-mulathathu in Tamil. Since the King got his legs back-the place is called Mulaithoor-this later became Mallur.

This sthalam is known as Dakshina Ayodhya, in Vedas, known as chadur Veda mangalapuri, any one who wants to master Vedas, will be blessed here and higher education. King Rajendra Chola of Chola dynasty, Tamilnadu established his capital when he captured part of Karnataka.

Sage Kapila, an amsam of Lord Narayana, gave discourses here. Even today when the temple is locked after Arthajama pooja, people hear the sound of bell ringing, door opening outside the gate. According to people here Sage Kapila lives here and entering karpagraham with other rishis who lived there before him in other yugas.

Jothidam – Kumudham Sri Rajagopalan, astrologer recommends this place as pari hara sthalam for childless couple.

A rich lady from Bhadrachalm , blind got her sight back after arriving and praying in this temple and served the Lord all her life and died here during seva.

The tirtham is known as kamala thirtham, since Goddesss MahaLakshmi was born here in a lotus flower.There is another tirtham called Brahma thirtham from where Brahmma worshipped Lord Apremeya.

Purandaradasr composed his song Jagodhadhrana here, there is a statue of him before the entrance.This song has been popularised by late Sri Rajam Iyengar of Bangalore. Listen to Jagodharana in the following - you Tube video -where you will see LateSmt M.S.subblakshmi’s melodious voice singing Jagodharana in raga Kapi adhi thalam.You will just forget this world.

Meaning of Jagotharana

The story:

The story is something everyone knows. Yasode never really knew the truth about her son. For her, Sri Krishna is her son. her child. There were miracles happening all over the place in Gokulam but Yasode was always afraid that something will happen to her precious child. There were so many demons who came there to kill the child. Though all of them were killed in return, Yasode never really put it all together and saw her child for what He was. For her, he was always a child. A really naughty child at that. A child who was almost always upto some mischief. Even when the Lord opened His mouth and showed the entire world to her, He made her forget that and continue as if nothing really happened.

The comparison with "Enna Thavam Seithanai" (tamil song):

The similarities with the "Enna Thavam Seithanai" also in Kaapi Ragam, in tamil, by Ootthukkadu Venkata kavi, is absolutely striking. The bhava is very similar. Purandaradasa and Oothukkadu venkatakavi who sung this kriti "enna thavam seithanai" - both enjoyed Krishna's leelas as described in Bhagavatham.

Here, in this song, Purandaradasa just hints at the innocence of Yasode. Her fierce loyalty to her son, her assumption that her child is just like any other child, her love for Him and the Krishna Leela that flowed in Gokulam are broadly hinted at in this song. Ooththukkadu venkata kavi goes one step further and clearly talks about Yasoda's great boon in having Krishna as her child. ‘’) Information obtained from Chennai Vishi within bracket in his own words).I acknowledge with thanks Sri Vishi –Critic of Carnatic Music and writer, Thanks to Mallur Krishna Mutt, Wolver Hampton Radio for You Tube music of M.S.S

"God may be the greatest of all men. He may be smaller than the smallest atom and bigger than the biggest things in the world. He may be the savior of the world. But, He is still Krishna and He is still the son to her mother. And, what a great soul Yasode was! Who can get a life like this!!"