It all germinated in the 80s, when a few like minded families from South India, particularly Tamilnadu, used to gather for general get together. The idea came about to have a formal set-up for people to meet from time to time, to nurture South Indian, especially Vedic, culture, to create a platform for their kids to display their talents etc... and hence the origin of South Indian Society alias SIS.

In the initial few years, the SIS sapling was nurtured with monthly small events and some larger events for major South Indian festivals. In an era of hunger among the Tamil speaking South Indians for an association to cater to their identity, the good words spread and the number of members to the organisation multiplied.

As the association grew larger, South Indian Society received its formal identity in 1995 when it was registered as a non-profit charity organisation under the UK companies act. For close to two decades since then, the trustees (elected by the members) have always strived to perform with the single objective of contributing to their community in the United Kingdom.

As a part of their on-going initiatives to nurture art and culture in this country, over the years, the South Indian Society has conducted yoga, Veda, art classes, and encouraged young talents by providing a platform to perform. SIS has arranged for highly talented artists from India to showcase their talents to the budding artists in the UK while providing high class entertainment value. SIS has been supporting various charitable organisations like Sankara Eye foundation, Bhajan Samaj, Veda Patashalas and other charities in the UK and in India including importantly those helping disadvantaged children. The organisation has made financial contributions to those affected in floods, Tsunami and other natural disasters back in India.

SIS is now a full fledged organisation continuing to provide cultural treat for all the Tamil speaking South Indians in the UK and acts as a social nest for those coming to this country and serve its core purposes of south Indian especially vedic culture and classical arts.

Each member of SIS recognises the selfless and commendable contribution of the founders and all the subsequent committee members have made to the growth of the organisation.