Lord Brahma gazed at the sea of nothingness, The limitless expanse of sheer consciousness. Seeking, searching for that spark of inspiration, He was about to begin the process of creation...

In a burst of light, a form appeared, It was Lord Vishnu, the Lord revered. With a dazzling smile and a face ablaze, Blessings he bestowed with infinite grace.

In Lord Brahma's palms, he placed with great care, Something precious, something rare. An idol, a deity, a figurine, Cherubic, a child, the eyes serene.

A conch, a discus in the hands, A mace too and a basil garland. From 'Vaikuntha' this idol, from the inner precincts, With Lord Vishnu this idol inexorably linked. Brahma, the creator was now inspired, He put into motion 'creation' as desired...

Lord Brahma looked at the idol with satisfaction, with love, This idol from heaven.. from 'Vaikuntha' above.

Sutepa and Prisna to Lord Brahma prayed, No child in their lives..this heavily weighed. Kind and pure and totally devoted, Lord Brahma was moved when their devotion He noted.

The idol given by Lord Vishnu to them He offered, "Your desire for a son will soon be fulfilled!" He proffered. Vasudeva and Devaki in another incarnation you will be, Lord Krishna himself as your son you will see."

Sutepa and Prisna embraced the idol with great love, This idol from heaven.. from 'Vaikuntha' above.

The gurgles of Lord Krishna filled the air, Vasudeva and Devaki their joy did share. Of Lord Vishnu Himself, He was the perfect version, For the entire world, a joyous occasion! The idol was placed by his side, The idol was none other than Lord Krishna they realised!

Vasudeva and Devaki looked at the idol with love, This idol from heaven.. from 'Vaikuntha' above.

Lord Krishna soon ruled Mathura, a benevolent king, Great joy, great happiness his rule did bring. Prosperity, peace and riches plentiful, Mankind was loving, generous and dutiful.

The idol given by Vasudeva and Devaki was placed in a special niche with love, This idol from heaven..from 'Vaikuntha' above.

Uddhava, Lord Krishna's friend, viewed the future with concern, Things would change, he could sense, he could discern. Lord Krishna from this incarnation would leave and rise, Chaos, despair and despondency would arise.

Lord Krishna with his words Uddhava appeased, "From this moment let your apprehensions cease. Protect the idol! Guard with your life! It will see mankind through every strife.

The waters will flood, be not afraid, The elements, Guru and Vayu will aid. I am the idol, the idol is me, In the form of the idol, on earth, I will always be."

Uddhava recognised Lord Krishna in the idol with love, This idol from heaven..from 'Vaikuntha' above.

The waters rose alarmingly high, Dangerous, threatening, monstrous size, Snarling, swallowing, snaring, Stripping mercilessly, destroying. The end of a cycle, the end of an era,

The onset of the new period, the 'Kaliyuga'...

The idol, the buffeting waves cushioned and held, They rose, they overflowed, they surged, they welled. The idol was gathered by Brihaspati, the Guru, A protective shield formed the wind, the Vayu.

Guru and Vayu with reverence carried the idol with love, This idol from heaven..from 'Vaikuntha' above.

Together the earth they then traced, They scoured the length and breadth for a suitable space. Till they came to a beautiful shimmering pond, By thousands and thousands of lotuses adorned.

Lord Shiva and Parvati themselves stood waiting, It was clear the idol they had been awaiting. "Blessings to you for thou hast brought the idol along, He hath come to where he belongs!"

They had found the way home to a sacred base, The idol was installed in its rightful place. Here it stands in Kerala in the city of Thrissur, Brought by Guru and Vayu, the idol of Guruvayur.

The idol is now worshipped here with devotion and love, This idol from heaven..from 'Vaikuntha' above.

Footnotes ----------- Vaikuntha - The heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu Kaliyuga - The age of vice