Venue: Residence of Jayanthi and Sundar, 8A, Malden Park, New Malden, KT36AS
Date: 29/Sep/2013
Time: 4 PM

Sri Jayendra Puri Swamigal is currently the head of the venerable Shri Kailasha Ashram, Bangalore, comprising the Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple complex and the Ashrama Mahasamsthana, Veda patashala etc. There are 9 branches in Tamilnadu and Karnataka states. When he travels anywhere, including outside India, the Swamigal ensures that his pujas are performed with the required rigour. A great Vedic scholar, Swamigal is a fluent speaker in several language including English.

On his way back to India from a trip to the USA, the Swamigal has kindly consented to stop in London for a few days and at his request on one evening, a Tiruppukazh singing has been organised. It will be preceded by a Pada puja for the Swamiji. He has also kindly consented to give an anugraha bhasan at the end.

As the venue chosen by the Swamiji for the event is the residence of one of SIS members, kindly send in your RSVP as early as possible, either by email to or by telephoning 02089495755. This is to ensure that the required arrangements can be made. We particularly invite those who can sing Tiruppukazh – please liaise with Mrs Jayanthi Sundar.

The Swamiji’s daily pujas, especially the elaborate one in the morning, are sublime and one can normally witness them only in great Mutts like the Kanchi or Sringeri Mutt. Those who would like to join the pujas in London on 28th or 29th also please contact Mr or Mrs Sundar.