Venue: Church of Ascension Hall, Beaufort Road, Ealing W5 3EB
Date: 14/Jun/2014
Time: 4:30 PM

We would like to say 'profound thanks' and, at the same time, 'sincere apologies'.

As already stated, the response to the event has been overwhelming: our profound thanks to all of you, who have already signed up and paid for the event. We are humbled and mindful of the obligation that this places on us to make the event a success.

As organisers, the last thing we wish to do is to disappoint any of our patrons who at the last minute may find it possible to attend the event and turn up. However, as you will all appreciate, for Health and Safety reasons, we have to operate within the capacity of the hall. Therefore, we will not be selling any 'tickets' at the gate. Our sincere apologies.

Thanks to the large number of you who have also agreed to sing, we have put together a 'full' programme. We will very much like to start the event on time.

Looking forward to seeing you in Church of Ascension Hall, Beaufort Road, Ealing W5 3EB, on 14th June - registration starts at 430 pm.