Kushmanda worshipped on the fourth day controls the entire solar system. Goddess Durga is believed to be very happy in this incarnation and the eternal darkness lifted when Mother gave her divine smile. Kushmanda means one who creates the world as a little cosmic egg with the energy of her divine smile. Ma Kushmanda is believed to have created the world in the form of an egg. She is a Simhavahini with Ashtabhuja (8 hands) holding kamandal, bow, arrow, lotus, amrutha kalash, chakra and mace in 7 hands and a japamala in her 8th hand to bestow the 8 siddhis and navanidhis to us. Devotees worshipping her are rid of all illness and ailments. The yogis and sadhakas meditate on the anahata chakra as Ma Kushmanda represents the anahata chakra. Kushmanda Mata temple at Varansi was built in 1780 by Ahilya Bai Holker.


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Vande Vanchit Kamarth Chandraghrit Shekhram
Singhrudh Ashtabhuja Kushmanda Yashaswineem