Goddess Durga’s nine incarnations are worshipped on the nine days. The mother is worshipped as Sailaputri on the first day. Sailaputri is essentially Goddess Parvathi, the daughter of Himavan. Mother holds Trishul on her right hand and a lotus on the left hand and seated on a Rishabh vahanam. Ma wears a half moon on her forehead. Sailaputri was Sati Devi in her previous incarnation, daughter of King Daksha. Sailaputri represents Muladhara chakra of spiritual practice. Sailaputri is the Devi of the root chakra beginning her journey of awakening to reach Lord Shiva, the ultimate. The Yogis concentrate on the muladhara chakra as this is the starting point of their spiritual discipline.


Vande Vanchitlabhaya Chndrardhkritshekhram.
Vrisharoodhaam Shooldharaam Shailputreem Yashasvineem.

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Translation: For the achievement of desired, I adore Sailaputri, Who made the crescent-moon as a head-crown, Who is seated on an ox, Who holds a trident, and Who is glorious.