Shri Gurubhyonamaha

Krishna is the inner eye who sees everyone and there is no eye which can see him. Both ‘I’ and ‘Eye’ sound similar. Normally ‘I’ refers to the ego or the self and ‘Eye’ refers to the organ of vision.

We see everything around us with our eye – the physical eye. Even with today’s science we know that the organ actually projects the image of the object we see and the brain interprets what we see. The brain interprets only when the mind is active. Thus we can infer that mind is actually seeing through the physical eye.

Going one step deeper, there is some thing behind this mind which gives the power for it to be active. That power is what we term it as our inner consciousness or the Athman. While the inner consciousness is seeing the entire creation using the mind through the physical eye, there is nothing which is capable of seeing this consciousness.

கண்ணுக்கு கண்ணாய் கண்ணின்றி காணுன்னை
காணுவது எவர் பார் அருணாசலா
- Shri Ramana Baghavan

Consciousness is not an object to be perceived but a state of existence. This state of existence is the Athmanubhuthi which can only be realised as it is true in past, present and future. It is the observer of all the observers and this eye of all eyes is called KANNAN in Tamil.

Let us meditate upon the Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami to get this inner vision.


கண்ணுக்கு கண்ணான கண்ணனை
கண்ணால் காண இயலாது எனில்
கண்ணான கண்ணன் நம்மை கண்டுவிட்டால் அக்
கண்ணன் நாமேஎன கண்டுகொள்வோம்

Radhe Krishna!