Guru Tatvam is to understand the principle of Guru which is within yourselves in the form of the consciousness. When the desire for the self realization becomes intense, the consciousness manifests itself in the form of a Guru to appear before you and provide us the required teaching. The physical form of Guru is enabler for for mind to get hold and focus to gain the self realization. Once the realization happens, the Guru doesn’t want you to connect to him also as this could distract us from the connection with the self.

Shri Sukar who taught Shimad Bhagavad to Parikshit, didn’t wait to see what happens next or protect him from Dakshaka. With realization, parikshit has established connection with the self and has become one with that. The business with body and mind no longer exist and hence Guru has nothing more to do. Hence Shri Sukar left Parikshit alone and went away.

I could now understand the relationships Guruji had with Swami. He probably saw the inner presense of Swami as Guru Tatvam than the physical form of Guru. When the first Vardhandi Festival was organized, devotees organized a procession and performed pad pooja to Guruji at Naradha Gana Sabha, Chennai. While speaking on the occasion, Guruji mentioned that the entire pooja is to the inner Guru (Gnanananda) than him (physical form of Guruji) like a pooja to the container of Ganga water. I thought then that it was his humility, but now realize that it is not just humility but the Guru Tatvam that he was communicating. His expression that “Ellam Valla Guru Murthy Ennulle Irundu Ennai Eyakki Pesa Veikattum… Deva… Om.” is also another reflection of the Guru Tatvam.

In another occasion as well while narrating an anecdote on whether Birth came first or Karma, he mentioned that his Guru has cleared him of all doubts. I couldn’t visualize the depth of that statement then. But thinking now, he couldn’t have made this statement without staying connected with the Guru, the Self. While he was singing and speaking outwardly, he seems to have been still unaffected by the happenings around while he stayed connected to his self.

The way i saw these qualities in Guruji are expressed in this krithi.