Almost every man and woman in this world , at some point of time in their life, has felt the need for this. Success in education, job, matrimony ...everything seems to depend on this four letter word. The lack of this means disaster. So, what is this four letter word we are talking about? It is what everyone calls as LUCK

What exactly LUCK means? Is there any such thing? Is it an event in itself, is it a catalyst required for things to happen?

Somebody once told me that LUCK means “ being prepared when the opportunity arrives” Like “ Be prepared “ is the motto of a Boy scout. But then what if the desired opportunity never comes...It perhaps means that opportunity can come at anytime, any form or from anywhere. It is only a question of identifying it when it does arrive. Then opportunity, if recognised is there for everyone. So this is not LUCK.

What do we call a person who(according to general perception of people) gets success undeservedly or much more than what they deserve. Can it be attainment of results/ goals without actually putting in any or adequate efforts .Take the case of a person buying a lottery ticket and winning the prize. Do we term it as LUCK? While in many cases like this it may not be possible to find an explanation, it is also not nessasary to term that reason as LUCK.

It is said that nothing substitutes hard work. Even “ Bhagavat Geeta” says “ do your duty”. It means that LUCK should not be factored in any activity.

More often than not, things that happen to individuals are not controlled by them. It is the people around them and the external things which decide the course of things. Is it this unpredictability which people call as LUCK?

My views on this famous four letter word is

It is not always nessasary that things should happen in life the way we want it. If things don’t happen that way, it is important that we try and find out what is the reason. I can hear someone saying that what if there is no apparent reason. Well, if there is no reason it still is not nessasary to blame it on lack of LUCK. It is always easy and done thing to shift the reason for our failure on to someone else or something else. Words like LUCK and FATE are meant for consolations. It can temporarily help one tide over the disappointment. Good to that extent. But no more than that.

Take things head on in life. Try and do what best we can. Results are very important but not the end all. Have faith in what is done.

Finally, if you insist on having LUCK as your travel companion(in life), then smile at it but never let it bother you

Best of LUCK !!!!!!!