SIS Deepavali, the flagship event for the SIS Family, witnessed an attendance of over 300 people, kicked-off with the welcome address by Divya Sundar, followed by the invocation from Venkat Srikanth on Lord Ganesha. The hosts for the event were the mother-daughter duo, Revathy Sathish & Sahana Sathish, emulating the way Deepavali being celebrated by two generations.

The event started-off with “Ashtalakshmi Dance” performed by the young children. The stage was set with “Lotus pedestal” to seat each of the “Lakshmi’s”. The display of bhavas and the blessings by each of the Lakshmi was further enhanced with each child being dressed up in a saree, tailored made for each of them and the splash of the colours & costumes left the audience awestruck. The contribution from Ramya Sriram, Sowmya Shankar & Meena Mothish was noteworthy, as expected; the surnames of the ladies continued the legacy of providing unprecedented support. SIS, following the tradition of promoting new talents & artists witnessed Sekar Kailasam to render his self-rendered composition. His songs were centred on the theme of Guru Vandana, singing the valour of Sri Chandrasekarendra Swamigal, Sri Raghavendrar & Sri Ramana Maharishi. The upcoming SIS young stars Kailash Jayendran, Bharatwaj Srinivasan & Venkat Srikanth adorned the stage for the first time, speaking on Diwali, leaving the audience to appreciate their debut performance.

The Silver Jubilee Souvenir was released during the event, with Mr. Raman, one of our founding members receiving the first copy from Mr. Sundar. Mr. Raman & Mr. Govindan took the honours of passing the mantle to the next generation, by handing over the Souvenir to the young children, who incidentally had contributed to the contents of the Souvenir. The contents of the Souvenir had the range of topics around the Hindu Culture and Ethos, allowing the best of the talents to contribute their opulence of knowledge.

Photos capturing the wonderful moments of the evening.

SIS Deepavali 2014

No event without dance & comedy makes it complete, the Bharatanatyam performance by Vinisha Martin on the fast number Jathishwaram was rendered with full dedication, reflecting the perfection. Vinisha’s timely pranams to her Guru won her the applause from the audience. For the first time and with an objective to enthral the kids, the comedy team replicated a scene from one of the great British Comedian Charlie Chaplin’s episodes. The characters were played by Ravi Srinivas, Murali Ramdoss, Kamakshi Murali & Karthik Raghavan as Charlie Chaplin, without leaving a stone unturned on their performances, with just the background music alone. The crafty handwork of Dr. Latha Srinivas, with her make-up skills turned the professionals into comedy characters, deserves the full credit for the success of the event. This event attracted all the kids to assemble in the front row and enjoy the performance of the Charlie Chaplin, thereby fulfilling the evening with much needed laughter and joy.

Led by Gayathri Subramanian, the charity contribution from the SIS is always well supported by the members through a raffle ticket sales and choosing 4 lucky winners. No feast is complete without a dessert; the soul rendering performance of Varun Nathan & Aaditya Shivakumar was a treat to the audience’s ears. Creating an opportunity to endorse the talents of the young and upcoming artists has been a priority for the SIS and the performance of this duo lived up to the accreditation. Purnima Chandrasekar concluded the evening by thanking all the stakeholders, the participants, the parents and the support functions in completing yet another successful SIS Deepavali event.