Update on 2nd April

Mrs. Lakshmi Chandrashekaran has kindly obliged to share her presentation for the benefit of the society and it can be downloaded from here Dietary Management of Diabetes SIS talk 2017 LCS March 2017.pptx. We thank her very much for this generosity

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SIS kicked off 2017 with the event on Health & Happiness. The event was held at Greenford Methodist Church, Greenford on 4 th March 2017. The event started off at 3.10PM with a brief welcome address by Gayathri Subramanian followed by an invocation song by Ms. Shreya Srinivasan. The evening started off with the Health topic where Mrs. Lakshmi Chandrashekaran, Advanced Renal and Diabetes Senior Dietitian and an educator for the Type 1 Diabetes education programme, DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating), South end University Hospital provided an useful insight on types of diabetes, DAFNE & ways to maintain a balanced diet. She also explained why South Asians are more prone to Diabetes and how certain foods we take as part of our daily routine affects the blood glucose levels. She provided guidance on the recommended carbohydrate intake (carb counting) and categorized different types of food based on their carbohydrate content which helped the audience to get an better understanding on how to maintain a balanced diet and keep a check on the blood sugar levels (members were surprised to know that basmati rice (brown basmati in particular) has lower carbohydrate content compared to our traditional ponni rice). A free diabetes test was conducted after the presentation and the members enthusiastically participated to check their blood sugar level.

SIS would like to again express our gratitude and sincere thanks to Mrs.Lakshmi for taking the time out in spite of her personal commitments. This was followed by ‘Experience waves of happiness‘– Happiness program conducted by Mrs. Trupti Amit & Mrs. Pallavi Patel. Trupti is a teacher and a volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation & Pallavi is also a teacher and a volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation.They explained how simple breathing techniques would help relieve stress, control the state of our mind and remove toxins from our body. They demonstrated how meditation can be practiced as part of our daily routine. Members felt very relaxed after having a 10 minute guided meditation along with the soothing music to the ears. SIS would like to thank Trupti and Pallavi for giving their valuable weekend time. Keeping up with the SIS tradition, light evening snacks (samosa & sundal) with coffee/tea was provided at the end. We would like to thank Gayathri, Deepa & Kamakshi for preparing the delicious homemade sundal and Sharath Kumar Shekar for covering the event . A special thanks to our SIS kids Sahana & Shraddha who created beautiful posters on Health &Happiness which was displayed in the hall.

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Overall this was a great start to the year and another successful event with around 50 members attending the event. We were overwhelmed by the support and participation from SIS veteran members who provided positive feedback. Most of them felt the sessions were well organized, educative, and suggested SIS host such events on a regular basis every year.