Kosha Panchakam

The five layers of the personality are called the Pancha Koshas. The three Sareeras are classified as Koshas from a different perspective. The following are the Koshas in the order of their subtleness.

Annamaya Kosha – Food Sheath

Formed by modification of the food consumed. This is the only Gross Sheath that is visible which is nothing but the Gross Body. Food consumed by the parents being the source (anna rasa) of the child. The body at the end which goes back to earth which is the source of the food.

Pranamaya Kosha – Energy Sheath

Consisting of Pranic Energy. This is the Karmendriyas & Gnanendriyas of Sukshma Sareera. Food consumed is converted into the Energy (Pancha Pranas) and used as Kriya Shakti for the actions with Karmendriyas.

Manomaya Kosha – Mental Sheath

Representing the Physcological/ Emotional layer of the personality. This is the mind component of Sukshma Sareera. This represent the Icha Shakthi which generates the desires to be fulfilled by the Pranamaya Kosha using the Annamaya Kosha.

Vigyanamaya Kosha – Intellectual Sheath

Representing the rationale/ Intelligence layer of the personality. This is the Intellect component of Sukshma Sareera. Represents knowledge which presupposes mind. Buddhi combines with mental sheath to initiate actions.

Aanadamaya Kosha – Bliss Sheath

Deepest personality which is the source of aananda/ relaxation/ revitalisation. This is nothing but the Karana Sareeram. It a state where both the total ignorance and relief are experiences. Deep sleep state represents this experience. This is called malina sathvam as it gives a glimpse of the Sathvam but not real.