Believe it or not, If you have one old one rupee (Indian )currency note in good condition you may get up to Rs2000. If you have one old Rs1000 currency note in good condition you may get up to Rs30,000. How?

I had been to India recently and bought the Stamp and Coin Catalogues. There is another catalogue just for Indian paper money (Currency Notes). When I was browsing through them, some amazing facts came out.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Rs 10 mint (not used) stamp is worth Rs 13000. If it is in good condition even after it is used it may get you up to Rs 6500. (The Stanley Gibbons catalogue price for mint is £140.).I am not going to talk much about the rare stamps. The price for the rarest Indian stamp is around Rs2.5 lakhs.

Indians are becoming richer and richer now. My son earns in one year more than what my dad earned in his life time! There are two reasons. After the boom in computer industry and the exodus of Indians to foreign countries they earn a big fat salary abroad. When foreign companies started investing in India they started giving salary equal to foreign pay. When one earns abroad and converts it to Indian currency that person’s salary will be a big sum.

The moment one becomes rich and all the basic needs are fulfilled, one turns to arts. That is what we saw in the age of Guptas which is known as the Golden Age in Indian History. They minted a lot of gold coins which can be seen in big museums around the world. Literature, Arts and Sculptures reached its peak during that time. Now we see the repeat of History. When antiques of great value are auctioned in London and New York Indian s are buying those antiques. The reason is simple. They have money and the time to appreciate it. Probably they may think it is good investment as well. The increase of price of Gandhi stamps and Indian currencies may be attributed to this trend.

I used to buy Indian paper money guide book, Phila India( stamps) guide book and Indian coinage books at periodical intervals updating the prices. You will be surprised to find that the prices are going up rapidly.Old Indian one rupee issued in 1949 and signed by KRK Menon is priced as 2000. It is in green colour. The later ones in bluish green colour can fetch you up to Rs300. But the last paper one rupee issued in 1994 will fetch you only Rs15. So the price depends upon whose signature (Governor of Reserve Bank) it carries, how old it was and what condition it is now.Rs 2 signed by B Ramarau may get between Rs 150 and Rs 750. Old Five Rupees with B Ramarau’s signature are priced up to Rs 1200.Rs 100 of Ramarau’s days up to RS8000 and RS1000 currency up to Rs 30000. So if you have any old Indian currency save it for your children. Rummage through your attic and there may be a g fortune waiting for you. When in doubt contact me or go through the catalogues.