Increasing Self Confidence

As babies, we didn’t lack confidence, did we? We managed to get what we wanted every time we had a need.

Let’s see what we can do to transform that demanding self confidence of infancy into a mature and acceptable adult self confidence...

Overcome the fear and worry of failure

Realize that fear is often based on unhelpful interpretation. As humans we like to look for patterns. The problem is just that we often find negative and not so helpful patterns in our lives based on just one or two experiences. Or by misjudging situations. Or through some silly miscommunication.

Ask yourself, "What would be the worst outcome?" We tend to place excess importance on potential problems – “Worrying ahead syndrome”.

So just do it. Don’t think too much!

Don’t worry about being judged

People really are too busy in their own world to spend time judging and evaluating you. And if there are some – well, at least it’ll tell you who your real friends are!

Drown that internal critical voice

Drown the nagging, negative internal critical voice. To do this, imagine a volume control and lower the volume. Or simply change the internal voice to the Disney Channel. Do you think you could take Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck seriously if they were criticizing you? The point is to disengage the critical voice by altering the way it nags at you. If you hear your own voice or a critical parent voice nagging you, it will paralyze you. If you hear a funny voice, you laugh, brush it aside, and continue onward.

Create a 30 second commercial on yourself

This should be easy, especially after that first article on being sold on yourself. Go on - do it. You’re worth it.

Work on the physical aspects

Sounds trivial and simple, but trust me – it works. Stand taller, walk faster, smile, look into people’s eyes, speak slower (pace) and lower (pitch), compliment others.

Go on, work on these, and I’ll come back next time to share with a more self-confident you some thoughts on Certain Something – Part Four: First Impressions – Lasting Impressions?