' There's a truth thats deeper than experience.
Its beyond what we see or even what we feel.
Its an order of truth that separates the profound
from merely clever and reality from perception.'

Life's answers couldn’t have been more diplomatic than this. Furthermore it is unimaginable to think that such virtues are actually those simple things that set motion to our wheel of life/fate etc. Acceptance to view, faults, ego, pride and even self-respect within us and also within others has taken up a new meaning these days. It has reached a level where you are in the need to grow it in yourself.

Another seemingly easier way for most of us is to listen to any prominent person talk about it. We all have developed a kind of trust on things delivered by public speakers and accept it without passing judgement. Without doubt the talks are amusing sometimes hilarious and they are trained to deliver that way. If the same content is delivered by someone you happen to know and happens to be less popular than public speakers .. well ... in most cases all they get is odd stares and questions regarding their sanity.. in rare cases its taken into account.

Why so???

Simple reason, Pride!!

"Who are you to judge me?"
"What is your right in telling me what to do?" etc...

Such things are a constant holder in minds. Despite no one command us to shift direction, however we feel the necessity to question everything said to us by the very person we know. This odd human trait is always a puzzle and will be one as long as mankind exists. The interesting part is, people can actually get motivated from someone they don’t know rather than those who they see everyday. Whether we agree or not, that is how things are and my views are of no exception to that. This is the main reason why authors of self-help books making some huge profits.

If you can’t accept what is around you on a daily basis then how on earth can u agree with what is written on popular books or great talks from professional orators?

I don’t want to sound as if I am advocating not to read self development books or not to listen to great orators, however ideas can come from anywhere and we should be receptive to those ideas. I recall here the Tamil legend Thiru Valluvar

EpporuL yaar yaar vaai ketpinum apporuL
meipporuL kaaNbadhaRivu

As rightly said by someone very close to me as well..:

"Unless you accept, moving forward will be the most difficult thing..."

Now that is a rational thought!!!

P.S: The above quote is from a book called SHANTARAM, written by G.D.ROBERTS, who was a escaped prisoner from Australia in the 70 settled in Mumbai.

Poetic and rational thoughts, particularly from a criminal?? Is that Acceptable?? :)

Well I’ll leave the notion to the readers.