Sadhana Chathushtayam

Sadhana Chathushtayam is the four fold qualifications that are required while undertaking the path for self knowledge. Vivekam is the knowledge of the permanent and impermanent. This is the real vidhya. All other knowledge, the worldly sciences are all avidya as they do not take you toward the self realization. Once the knowledge about the impermanent things become evident, dispassion is automatic. We wouldn’t long for things which in our understanding are impermanent.

The next qualification is the six fold discipline. Control over mind and senses are required for any pursuit. Swadharma Anushtana engages the body and mind in the path for the spiritual growth. Forbearance keeps one steady in the changing conditions. Faith in the words of Guru and the scriptures helps to maintain focus without distractions and finally the capacity to focus on the ultimate Goal. The last qualification is called Mumukshutvam – Intense desire for the self knowledge.

Let us next try to understand what is Athma and what is Anathma.