When the air is bitter and cold

And the darkness begins to envelop and enfold

The evening sky turns the deepest black

And warmth and comfort the outdoors lack

And the trees turn withered and gray,

When no one can separate night from day

When the birds have gone and animals sleep

Buried in their nests, there is not a peep

When the leaves die and start to brown

They give up hope and fall to the ground

When the wind is cold and bites at your cheeks

When it blows your happiness out of reach

The ice begins to break on the rushing river

The sight is so wonderful, it gives a delighted shiver

There are joyful songs of the spring yet to come

And of the soaring birds flying home

Of the tiniest leaves that blossom and grow

Breaking through the icy dam of snow

Families laugh and talk at the hearth

That crackles and glows and warms your heart

When the first rays of the new dawn alight

And the sun bursts through the ground, oh so bright

It seems as the spring has finally come

And you can eagerly invite it home